Demon Solitaire App Reviews

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Great Game,...but

This is a great game and one of my long time favorites, I was gald to see it available as one of the apps. The only issue I can bring up besides the not so sharp graphics is the inability to put Kings on Aces in your stacks, I have never played it this way before. It makes this hard game, ridiculously hard. If your looking for a great game that will give you a challenge, this is the one!


this game is easy to learn but really hard to beat.. Im still wondering if its possible LOL. A few glitches where a card wont show up or the screen flashes but resolves itself during play. I have definitely gotten hours of play so far, worth the price! **updated- you can now stack kings on aces which makes game play a teeny bit easier, although I still havent won. Cards do not have the glitch that makes them hidden now but sometimes the screen will still get flashy. So far Ive only had one crash and it just so happened I be the only time I would have won... Once this game gets the glitches out it will be awesome!! Still extremely addictive. I will someday beat it!!! LOL

Wont open

Just bought this horrible app and it wont even open!!

Dont buy

Just bought & it wont even open. Such a scam.

Plays By a Weird Set of Rules

Every other version of Canfield Ive ever played has allowed me to play a King after an Ace in the stack.

Good, but graphics are too small

This game plays well but the cards are small, there is a lot of wasted screen real estate . Could be much better if it allowed for a landscape orientation. I dont really get the 12+ age rating. I would rate it G.

Not worth it

Game is too hard. Cards are too small. Not worth the money.

Very addictive but...

For $.99, its hard to go wrong... but... there are some glitches (at least on my iPod Touch) that make it frustrating: Double-tapping to move a card often leaves the uncovered card, well, covered still (not turned over). Also, twice, in the last three days, Ive gotten down to a point where all I have to do is move the remaining cards onto the stacks to win the hand... (think a row of queens and jacks ready to be placed)... and the game locks up. After resetting, it re-starts a full previous hand. Im going to try a different solitaire program.

Too Buggy to Buy

I experienced cards that would not turn over and show when they should.

Love a challenge but...

They have succeeded in making a game that is virtually impossible to win and frustrating in that you know how difficult is us without any real tips from the makers. I would pass on this variation if you like beating a game once in while . Strategy us difficult to develop.

Poor app

Very limited gaming options. I cant figure out how to undo a move.

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